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Some of our Testimonials regarding Training conducted

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“The whole content was very useful as it was my first workshop on this topic.”

“It was very useful having someone as a trainer and the discussion/exercises, rather than just doing the training online with a computer.”

“It was great to have practical examples.”

“I found it valuable being able to discuss different concepts and situations.”

“Filling in the practical example sheets gave me a chance to test my understanding.”

“The scenarios helped with confirming information.”

“Good mix of theory and practical exercises, it broke it up well.”

“I found useful the explanations of terms, the practical exercises helped put everything into perspective. Thank you, it was not training I thought I needed but very insightful.”

“I found the examples provided helped me increase my understanding The Trainer did a good job and spoke clearly and consistently. Thank you.”

“The trainer was great, sound knowledge of the field.”

“The trainer was straightforward and delivered information in an easy to understand manner. Cathy was easy to listen to and kept my attention.”

“Great presenter. Informative and made interesting a dry subject.”

“Was pleasantly surprised to find this training interesting, helped by the wealth of knowledge of the trainer.”

“Great sessions as we need to be reminded on a continual basis as we are responsible for performance management”

“Great training very instructive and informative”